Structured Investing

Our Investment Philosophy is more than a style of investing.  It is a fundamental ethos, a way of looking at markets and thinking about economics and human behavior that stands in sharp contrast to the muddy thinking, speculation and exaggerations that characterize so much of Wall Street today.

We have partnered with Loring Ward, an independent money and wealth manager, who supports independent advisors and their clients with a full array of services including investment platforms and strategies.

One such strategy is Loring Ward's Structured Investing philosophy.  Structured Investing combines academic research with practical application and experience to help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.  It is based on:

  • 80 + years of market data
  • Nobel Prize-winning economic research
  • In-depth studies of investor psychology and behavior

We believe there are five key concepts that play a vital role in the construction of a Structured Investing portfolio tailored specifically to your goals and needs.

Structured Investing portfolios are built using institutional asset classes designed to capture market rates of return and provide diversification.  Institutional asset classes offer lower trading cost, lower turnover and minimal style drift.  While we don't believe in active management, we don't attempt to track indexes either, as this can result in significant trading costs.  In addition, our portfolio managers have flexibility on when to add or remove individual stocks from asset classes.  They also exclude certain groups of stocks such as IPO's and distressed securities with heightened risks or inefficiencies.

With Structured Investing, the noise and confusion of the markets can be subdued by the simplicity, prudence and confidence as you build a strong investment foundation for your future.

For more information on Loring Ward's Structured Investing philosopy, click on the link below.

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